The Last Huntsman is here!

September 9, 2019 • By

The day has finally arrived! My newest YA novel, THE LAST HUNTSMAN, is now available! You can get your copy at any online store, including Amazon, B&N, Apple Books, and Kobo!

A *huge* thank you to all my early readers and reviewers, and everyone who has shown support for this book. It was one of my favorite books to write, and I hope you love it as much as I do.

If you’re not yet sure what THE LAST HUNTSMAN is about, here is the summary:

No women. No children. No torture. The Huntsman has his rules.

For years, Tobin has done his emperor’s bidding, eliminating threats to the Empire of Morvansk. But when he is ordered to kill the lovely Princess Mara, Tobin’s absolute loyalty ends. The emperor’s punishment is swift and lethal, and Tobin is left with only one desire: vengeance.

Stay quiet. Stay hidden. Stay free. These are the rules Ever lives by.

Raised as a boy by her overprotective father, Ever has something the Morvansk emperor covets: mirror magic. With it, she can see anyone, anywhere, through the mirror’s glass. The emperor stole her mother years ago for this same magic, and now, he wants Ever, too.

When Ever’s mirror shows the wounded rebel huntsman approaching her village, she’s compelled to help him. But as Tobin and Ever grow closer, and their secrets intertwine, they’ll have to follow the rules they’ve always lived by—or break free from them, once and for all.

Can I just say how incredibly happy I am to have finally leaped into the world of indie publishing? It’s something I’ve been thinking of/considering/maybe-someday-ing for a long time. And while it’s certainly been a significant learning curve, and I have no idea how it’s going to turn out, I’m definitely glad I’ve learned a new aspect of publishing.

Thanks again, everyone! And please don’t forget to leave your review of THE LAST HUNTSMAN from wherever you’ve purchased it. It will be so appreciated!

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